A Branch Centre of Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math

Celebrations at Manjakuttai, Yercaud

Swami Vivekananda Jayanti Celebration on 26.1.2023

Swami Vivekananda Jayanti and Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav was celebrated on 26.1.2023 (Republic Day) at Manjakuttai Panchayat Library, Yercaud. National Flag was unfurled in our land premises near Manjakuttai view point followed by Swamiji Jayanti Celebration at Library.


The program started with bhajans by Swami Yogirajananda flowed by welcome & introduction by Swami Yatatmananda. Swami Chaturbhujananda spoke on Swami Vivekananda’s life and Dr.N.Chandrasekar spoken on ‘Forgotten Indian Freedom Fighters’. Lunch prasad was served to 300 devotees. 

Holy Mother Jayanti Celebration on 15.12.2022

Holy Mother’s Jayanti was celebrated on Thursday 15.12.2022 at Panchayat Union Library, Manjakuttai, Yercaud.

1st Program at Manjakuttai Primary Heath Centre

The following machines were handed over to the Manjakuttai Primary Heath Centre

·    Water Purifier (Hot+Cold)     - 1 no

·    Plastic Chairs                             - 15 nos

·    Bedsheet with pillow cover  - 12 set

·    Steel bench                                 - 2 nos

·    Digital BP Apparatus               - 2 nos

·    Stethoscope Adult                   - 2 nos

·    Stethoscope Pead                    - 1 no

·    Weighing Machine                    - 1 no

The program started with vedic chanting & opening song by Swami Yogirajananda followed by Welcome and introduction by Sri G.Subash, Ashrama Committee Members. 

Dr.A.Ram Madhan, Medical Officer, Manjakuttai Primary Health Centre and Swami Chaturbhujananda gave short addresses. 

The above said essential medical items handed over to the PHC.

In continuation, Holy Mother Jayanti program started with bhajans by Swami Yogirajananda at 11.00 am Manjakuttai Panchayat Library. Swami Chaturbhujananda gave lecture on Holy Mothers's life and teachings. 108 Kumkum Archanai performed.

Lunch prasad was served to 300 devotees.

Shervaroyan Sri Perumal Temple Ther Tirivizha - Free Buttermilk Distribution

Shervarayan Sri Perumal Temple Vaikashi Utsav : Chariot Festival (Ther Tiruvizha) was celebrated on 14.6.2022 after a gap of 2 years. Villagers from 72 villages of Yercaud participated. It is the biggest festival in the year from 6.6.2022 to 15.6.2022.


Villagers arrived in two-wheelers, lorries, Vans & busses from their homes.


Many organisations distribute Annadana. Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Salem distributed free Buttermilk to 2300 devotees (100 litres of curd - 600 litres of Buttermilk) with local help & volunteers of Salem Ashrama as advised by devotee Sri Kannan of Manjakuttai who is selling Provisions & other items near the Manjakuttai.


It is a village fair with many shops of play things for children spread-out. Play Ratinam, attract children


Devotees pulled the chariot from 2.00 to 4.00 pm around the hill. Villagers offer their worship in their hill.